JHS Info Session on June 23rd 2018


The next information session will be held on June 23rd. Families interested in Mita International School are encouraged to attend an information session. Please follow the link at the bottom of the page for online registration.

Notes on Registration

Click on the link below for an in-depth explanation of the Application Guideline.



Before registering for an information session, please read the Application Procedure page to confirm qualification as an International Student.


Program Overview

Saturday, June 23rd

The information session will be conducted in Japanese.

Info Session Guidance for International Students
1.Introduction from the School Director
2.MITA academics (JHS/SHS)
3.Entrance exam explanation
1.Qualifying for the International Student Exam

2.Overview of the Advanced Program at MITA





Post-info session,
[Individual consultation]
[School tours]
[International Student eligibility confirmation]

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