To consider about how to conduct yourself with your fellow students is one of the essential components of education. As well as finding importance in what is learned today, it is also very important to actively depict an image as a responsible person in society. This may sound far down the road, but we want to highlight what is necessary to set a high standard of education.

Through their daily learning, I would like my students to understand that each of them will contribute to creating an effective sustainable society. To deliver education which recognizes this point is a big feature of our school. We hope that all of our students will discover the essence of their abilities within the 6 years that they spend at our school.

It is also my wish that someday the students will look back with fond memories of our school and appreciate the time they had there as some of the most precious moments in their lives. But until then,

our message to the students is “BE FREE THINKERS.”

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