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To global society

Regular Course(RC)

A Liberal Arts Based Interactive Style of Learning

In the Regular Course, students realize the appeal of learning.
An interactive style of learning starts with a “Trigger Question” from the teacher. Students establish habits of not just memorizing, but also of thinking and exploring. Taking lessons to stimulate their intellectual interests improves not only the students’ ability to think but also their creative skills in order to solve various problems in a future, globalized society.

Learning Support aimed at Passing Exams

Students explore potential careers from different perspectives through communicating with students on the Super English Course and Super Science Course as well as with their classmates.

From the second year, students select an arts or science class and begin studying for university entrance exams. In the first and second year, they improve basic academic skills through the learning system “r-Test”. Furthermore, students develop practical skills by taking high-level classes from course trained teachers, via follow-up lessons, and summer and winter workshops. Students are, over the course of the three years, encouraged and supported in their efforts to achieve entrance to their university of choice.

Medical Science Technology Course(MSTC)

Science Laboratory is Source of Free Ideas.

In the Super Science Course specializing in Science and Mathematics, we place great value on lessons involving laboratory work. The students learn as not just ‘Students’ but as ‘Researchers’.
In the first year, students acquire basic knowledge and laboratory techniques in Biology, Chemistry, and Physics. From the second year, students devote themselves to more specific fields and to the ability to improve their scientific reasoning.

Learning Advanced Science through Basic Research.

In basic research, from the first grade, students choose their theme by themselves and pursue investigative research in small groups. We introduce university-level equipment in laboratories, so students can devote themselves to research, such as the extraction of DNA.
Students study advanced scientific articles, and do not just “learn” but “explore” as a researcher, with the aim of going on to domestic and international science and technical universities.

International Course Standard(ICS)

Acquire Useful English Skills

Students take 10 hours of English lessons a week consisting mainly of communication lessons with native speakers. Students not only practice the 4 English skills (reading, writing, listening, speaking), but also develop their critical thinking, discussion and presentation skills in English.

Students aim to pass EIKEN Grade Pre-1 and to achieve a score of above 80 on TOFEL iBT. Furthermore, students aspire to go on to not only international universities in Japan, but also universities abroad. Therefore, preparation lessons for the SAT and TOEFL tests are provided, as well as career counselling, including any volunteer work necessary to apply to universities abroad.

Study Abroad Programs (Short-term, Long-term)

Students choose short-term or long-term study abroad programs. In the long-term program, students will live in Wellington, New Zealand for about a year and go to school from their host families’ houses. As part of a high-level educational environment, students enhance their language skills and enlighten themselves through attending social studies and drama classes.

In the short-term program, this year, students went to The University of California. Students met with Japanese people from the business community, and participated in careers discussions with students from various countries. At the end of this program, each student gave a presentation about their goals for the future.

※These programs are subject to change.

International Course Advanced(ICA)

Preparation for overseas study at the university level

MITA will soon introduce the Senior High School Advanced Program for students with advanced English ability. As with the Junior High School Advanced Program, students can take social studies, math, and science courses entirely in English. The program will prepare students for university study outside of Japan, including test prep courses for the SAT and TOEFL and counselling on college selection and the application process.

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