Senior High School Application Guideline in 2020

International Student Entrance Examination Overview

Please note, the application process is conducted entirely in Japanese and all application forms must be completed in Japanese. Please visit the Japanese website to access application forms.

[Exam 1]
Wednesday, November 27th, 2019
[Exam 2]
Friday, December 13th, 2019
Course Regular Course [RC]
International Course Standard [ICS]
International Course Advanced [ICA]
Number of students to be accepted 20 students
Entrance Examination Application Eligibility Requirements *Expected to graduate from junior high school in March, 2020 (or equivalent scholastic level).
*Have lived abroad for more than one year continuously and have returned to Japan within the last 3 years.
Application Requirements To apply for International Student entry:
*Register via 事前登録フォーム(Registration Form) available on our website by November 6th.
*Participate in a personal consultation to receive International Student Eligibility Confirmation. This consultation is required to submit an application.
Application Period For Exam 1, the application period is from November 7th to November 21st
For Exam 2, the application period is from November 28th to December 9th
Application materials must be received by the final day of the application period.
Application Procedures (1) Apply using the online application form (Japanese only) and pay the fee. Print out the completed form.
(2) Mail the printed form along with the required documents indicated below.
Documents to be submitted (1) Application form
(2) Document checklist received during the International Student Eligibility Confirmation consultation session
(3) Applicants’ Personal History form (form provided by the school)
(4) Certificate of Overseas Residence (form provided by the school)
(5) Copy of transcripts
Application Fee [Exam 1] \25,000
[Exam 2] \25,000

Exam Contents
・English (includes a listening section) or Mathematics: 50 minutes / 100 points
・Essay (in Japanese): 20 minutes
・Interview in Japanese (applicants attend the interview unaccompanied): 10 minutes
[ICA] ・General academic exam entirely in English (includes a listening section): 60 minutes / 100 points
・Interview in English and Japanese (applicants attend the interview unaccompanied): 10 minutes
Announcement of Results The following day from 10:00 a.m. to 4:00 p.m. online
Admission Deadline for Submitting Admission Document [Exam 1] From results announcement until 5 p.m., Saturday, November 30th
[Exam 2] From results announcement until 5 p.m., Tuesday, December 17th
Admission Procedures (1) Pay enrollment fee of \250,000.
(2) Submit all necessary admission documents in person to school administration office by the deadline.

Public Relations Department, MITA International School
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TEL +81-337-00-2183

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